6 Ways To Break A Broody Hen!

If you’re a chicken owner, you might have experienced the frustration of a broody hen. As much as you love your feathered friends, broodiness can cause a decline in egg production and create tension within the flock. But, don’t worry, there are effective ways to snap your broody hen out of her trance. In this post, we will share six tried-and-true methods to break a broody hen, plus a bonus tip to help prevent broodiness altogether. Follow these tips and you’ll have a happy, healthy and producing flock in no time!

6 Ways To Break A Broody Hen +1 Bonus!

Are you a chicken owner who has noticed a hen sitting on her eggs incessantly? This phenomenon is known as broodiness and while it’s a natural behavior, it can be a nuisance for chicken owners. When a hen goes broody, she will stop laying eggs, become aggressive towards other hens, and may even stop eating and drinking. If you’re looking for ways to break your broody hen, you’re in luck because The Happy Chicken Coop has got you covered! They’ve recently released a video on “6 Ways to Break a Broody Hen +1 Bonus Tip” that every chicken owner should watch. In this article, we’ll be discussing the six methods introduced in the video, their potential challenges, and the additional bonus tip to make your hen un-broody.


Broodiness is a natural behavior that a hen exhibits when she wants to hatch her eggs. During this phase, she will sit on her eggs for prolonged periods, hoping that they will hatch. However, sometimes hens become too broody, and it can cause disruptions in the coop. If you don’t want your egg production to plummet or have aggressive hens, it’s time to break the broodiness.

Six Tried-and-True Methods

The Happy Chicken Coop video introduces six methods to break a broody hen. These are:

  1. The “broody breaker” cage method
  2. The dunking method
  3. The nesting box blockade method
  4. The removal of the hen from the coop
  5. The cold turkey method
  6. The hot potato method

The “broody breaker” cage method

In this method, you will need to confine your broody hen to a broody breaker cage for about three to five days. The cage should be in a dark and quiet location. The purpose of this method is to break the broodiness cycle and reset the hen’s hormones.

The dunking method

As the name suggests, this method involves dunking the hen in cold water for about 30 seconds. This shocks her out of broodiness.

The nesting box blockade method

This method involves blocking the hen’s access to the nesting box. By preventing her from entering, she will lose interest in broodiness

The removal of the hen from the coop

In this method, you temporarily remove the broody hen from the coop and isolate her from the other hens. This helps break the hormonal cycle.

The cold turkey method

Here, you remove eggs from the nest for about three to five days. This makes the hen uninterested in brooding.

The hot potato method

You’ll need a hot water bottle for this method. Place it in the hen’s nesting box, and as soon as she sits on it, remove the hot water bottle. This method tricks the hen into thinking that her eggs are hatching.

Potential Challenges

While these methods are proven to work, each one has its challenges. For example, the dunking method may not work for some breeds, and the cold turkey method may stress your bird.

Bonus Tip

The Happy Chicken Coop adds a bonus tip for better results on how to break a broody hen. You should wait until your hen has been broody for five days before using any of the above six methods. This will enhance the success rate and reduce the hen’s stress levels.


Breeding broody hens can be a disruptive behavior that causes chaos in the coop. However, it’s a natural behavior, and you don’t have to worry. “6 Ways to Break a Broody Hen +1 Bonus Tip” by The Happy Chicken Coop provides a comprehensive list of methods to help you break the broodiness cycle. Just remember to wait for five days before using any methods and to be extra careful when using some methods.


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