Raising Chickens Out Of Eggs

raising chickens out of eggsRaising Chickens Out Of Eggs

If you are hatching and raising chickens out of eggs you don’t need hens to sit on the eggs to hatch them. Incubating eggs can be a convenient way to hatch chicks when a hen is not available. Here are some tips on how to successfully incubate eggs.

Temperature and Humidity

The ideal temperature range for an incubator is between 98 and 99 degrees Fahrenheit. Use a hygrometer or thermometer to determine the relative humidity within the incubator. Humidity levels between 50% and 80% are acceptable for the first 1-18 days, and between 50% and 80% for days 19 through 21. The incubator needs to be kept at a constant humidity level, and you can use paper cups or a pan of water for this purpose.

Marking the Eggs

Mark the eggs with an “O” on one side and an “X” on the other to ensure that they cook evenly. This method helps to determine which side of the egg requires more heat. Flip the eggs thrice or four times daily to ensure they cook evenly. For example, if you began heating all X sides, the next time you flipped it, all sides would be O.

Fertility For Raising Chickens out Of Eggs

Fertility cannot be assessed before incubation has begun. After around three days, candling can be used to determine the significance of the egg. In the practice of candling, a candle is placed in front of a white-shelled egg to determine if the egg has been fertilized. If the egg seems cloudy or there is a visible mass, it is safe to presume fertilization has occurred. An unfertilized egg will have a translucent inside.

Incubator Capacity

Incubators are devices used to artificially simulate the conditions inside a hen’s womb for thechicks in an incubator purpose of hatching eggs. Depending on its capacities and other qualities, the possibilities are practically unlimited. However, it’s highly unlikely that a hen can conceive. Depending on the environment, the time of year, and the species of bird, the success rate might range from around 56% to 80%. The success rate of fertilized eggs is at least 75%.


Incubating eggs is a convenient and affordable way to hatch chicks. Whether you use an incubator or a broody hen, it’s important to monitor temperature and humidity levels to ensure a successful hatch. By marking the eggs and using candling, you can also determine the fertility of the eggs. With proper care and attention, you can enjoy the rewarding experience of hatching your own chicks.

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